The world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions distributes over 27 million tons of products and serves over 500,000 grower accounts across the globe. With a mission to help feed the world’s growing population, the need for continual innovation to meet the evolving demands on food production has never been more pressing. 


Faced with the opportunity to develop and execute a comprehensive digital strategy, the client needed innovative solutions that would serve a variety of stakeholders. From growers looking to address the increasing complexity of farm decisions to online engagement platforms that improved ease-of-use across preferred channels and partners seeking to “own the grower relationship,” the client was seeking a roadmap to a more connected future.   

They engaged Concentrix Catalyst to lead the foundational elements of an API program to promote grower interaction. The API program would enable new digital offerings, including a customer experience portal for crop consultants and growers, an E-commerce platform to enhance grower sales, and additional agronomic capabilities. 


Catalyst established a foundational digital strategy, installed and implemented the Apigee API Management platform and built out several of the initial APIs. Through a powerful API program strategy and governance plan, we were able to implement the Apigee API Gateway and a branded developer portal in only three weeks, significantly ahead of schedule.

This foundation was essential for quickly building and publishing APIs as products. One of the first available API products cataloged in the developer portal was specifically designed to deliver shipping/tracking statuses for input delivery. The first partner to integrate was able to consume and implement to API within two weeks. Previously, this type of partner integration would have taken months to complete. Within six months, more than 12 APIs were published and being utilized by customers.

Thanks to these newfound API capabilities the client was able to meet the rapidly evolving demands of their partners’ customers.

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