Banking, Financial Services, & insurance

We develop robust solutions that reduce product delivery costs, create better customer experiences and empower competitive advantages through digital disruption.

Our clients lead through innovation by implementing cutting-edge technology to expand into new markets and streamline existing ones, all while keeping the customer at the heart of digital transformation.

What's in an Experience?

  • Self-service platforms

    For customers to secure a loan or a life insurance policy in minutes instead of days, self-service platforms will be critical for speed of delivery. Help your customers spend time on what matters most by giving them ownership of the process.

  • Accelerate digital innovation

    The need to move past legacy infrastructures has never been more pressing. We shift your technology into the future, integrating across a cloud ecosystem that protects your customer data and your brand reputation.

  • Risk management

    The reach of analytics extends far beyond executive decision-making. Our tools for complex risk analysis not only shape product development but help determine the long-term viability of the sector.

  • Mobile Experiences

    Engage your customers with integrity and transparency and win their trust. Concentrix Catalyst helps eliminate defects in product releases and build mobile experiences that deliver on customer expectations.

  • Quality at scale

    We drive quality at scale by enabling your teams to execute projects faster and more efficiently with DevOps and Agile methodologies. Our team takes a personalized look at your business and provides strategic leadership to help you achieve your business goals.

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